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Often, the first thing a client says is, "I just want a simple will." While each will we create is specifically tailored to each client, we understand what our clients mean: "I want this will to be simple for me." Our exceptional service and attention to detail simplifies the entire process. We don't like to think of our own death; however, to adequately protect our loved ones, serious thought and consideration must be undertaken regarding how your estate should be handled upon your death. If you have minor children, this is especially true.

A will is a document that directs the court precisely what to do with each of your assets upon your death. A personal representative is named and if you have minor children, a guardian, and often contingent guardian, is named. Through a will, you can direct the disposition of your estate in virtually any manner you choose.

It is important that prior to meeting with any attorney, you take time and contemplate your wishes. Write down any questions that you think of so you can ask them at the initial consultation. No attorney in the world can write a will unless the client has made decisions regarding his or her final decisions. Each of these decisions is very personal.

Due to the very personalized approach in writing each client's will, we understand that you may change your mind. If in the first 90 days, for any reason, you have changed your mind about any portion of your will, give us a call and we will meet with you and revise your will. You don't have to give us any explanation why you want to revise your will and we will not ask. A will is to give you peace of mind and if you are unsure about any part of it, we will make sure that it is changed to exactly how you want it to read, free of charge. Just give us a call and set up an appointment.