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Free Seminars

I offer estate planning seminars free of charge to groups of 6 and larger. This is a great way for individuals to learn about estate planning, ask their questions in a friendly environment, and usually quesitons asked by others spark additional questions others never would have thought of. These seminars usually last about 2 hours and can be held in my office or at location more convenient to you.

I can structure the seminar to suit your group's needs. Generally, the following are areas that I cover in these seminars:
  • Do I need a will?
  • What if my parents die without a will?
  • Is probate required?
  • Is my estate going to taxed until there is nothing left for my kids?
  • What is a trust and do I need one?
  • What is a power of attorney?
  • What is a "Healthcare Directive"?
  • How do we decide who will raise our children if my spouse and I die?
  • What is a Living Will?
  • Can't I just write out a will by hand on my deathbed?
  • What is an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust?
  • Can I choose to not include a child in my will?
  • Can I choose to write my spouse out of my will?
  • Guide to choosing the right Personal Representative.
  • Can I leave something for my pets?
  • How do I make sure my kids don't spend their inheritance at once?
You can tell me exactly what you want me to cover, let me pick each topic, or you can pick a few and let me fill in the rest. Keep in mind that I'm flexible to move in whatever direction the group desires even after we have started the seminar. I include as much written material as I can so those in attendance can review the information later and call me with questions as they arise.

I never, never, never "sell" at my seminars. If specific questions arise regarding my services for estate planning I will answer them; however, at no time will I ever ask anyone in attendance to commit to hiring me for their estate planning needs. I conduct these seminars for information only and to allow people to meet me and determine if they think we could work well together in planning their estate. If someone chooses to, we can set up a separate, private consultation to discuss their specific needs, how to meet those needs, as well as my fees. Even if you do not hire me, I hope that you will take the information I provide, be better-equipped to manage your affairs and more knowledgable when you do hire an estate planner, even if that estate planner is not me.